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The County Officials Certificate Training Program (COCTP) is a comprehensive training program administered by CTAS. 

COCTP is designed to provide specialized, technical and managerial training to elected officials and their employees in order to help them run their office more effectively. It also offers a comprehensive review of county government. CTAS believes that a broader understanding of the mechanics of county government will afford COCTP graduates a better knowledge of the county as an entity, which will help them to better serve their constituency. Graduates of COCTP will obtain a thorough understanding of county government and be designated with the title of Certified Public Administrator. 

CTAS requires a passing score of 70% to receive credit for both our classroom and online training. 

TRAINING FAX NUMBER: (615) 523-2033

A note about online training: There is an option for online classes to “Visit all content”, however, COCTP credit will not be granted under this option. Please start all online training with the Pre-Test in order to receive your credit. 


The County Finance Issues class scheduled for January 25 in Memphis has been cancelled due to low enrollment. We have instead scheduled this class to be held in Dickson on January 25. Please see our calendar for more information:
Reminder about cancellations: Each class requires a minimum of 15 participants for the class to be held. Classes with less than 15 participants enrolled will be cancelled.







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